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At EDGE Writings, essay submission is done through an easy-to-use web-based editor, in which you can copy-and-paste, write and even save drafts for future review. Furthermore, you will be able to keep a record of your writing and all of its revisions through your own MY WRITINGS page.

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At EDGE Writings, our editors are graduates from top U.S. universities with long experience in essay editing. Through our line of different services (Basic, Standard, Standard Plus and Premium), we aim to address your specific needs, whether it be final polishing, predicting scores for test preparation, or personalized feedback for admissions essays. Meet the editors

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At EDGE Writings, our vision is to create an incredible writing experience that is accessible to all - by offering more competitive rates than other editors, easily payable through Paypal.

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At EDGE Writings, we are partnered with MUSE in order to provide a unique writing experience in which we are continuously trying to find new ways to help you improve your writing.



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Whether you are writing a simple email or an admissions essay, we want to provide you with a customized and unique editing service through our Basic, Standard, Standard Plus and Premium services.

If you have a near-final essay and want quick and accurate proofreading for spelling and grammar errors this is the service for you.

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This is our most beloved service for those who want proofreading for spelling and grammar errors and a review on content, tone, and structure. Predicted scores when applicable.

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This is for those who want the chance to perfect their essay- it is a package that includes the Standard package and the chance to re-submit a revised essay within 5 days.

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If you want specialized attention for your academic paper or admissions essay with detailed feedback on content, tone, and structure as well as 2 re-submissions within a period of 30 days.

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After 2950 words, you may enjoy our special discount prices!

  • Standard : $0.04 per additional word
  • Standard Plus : $0.06 per additional word
  • Premium : $0.10 per additional word